Money Movie Review$

Ride Along2 is one of my favorite movies.

Ride Along2 was a really good comedy. It involves two people that are developing a friendship. This serves as a good lesson to teens out there who can relate to the type of relationship displayed in this complex film. It had a good storyline too. The movie was really good to watch.

The best part about this movie I think was the ending. It shifted from an action comedy to a Romance. If you havent seen the film Kevin Hart gets married at the end. It was a perfect way to incorporate the happy ending theme into the film. Overall I give the movie a 8/10.

The Main Actors in Ride Along 2 are Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is my second favorite movie

W.H.R.J is another really funny comedy. It also talks about relationships, but this one talks about a difficult family rivalry. It gives a good lesson to always respect your family. It also tells the watcher , that they shouldnt forget about their loved ones either when it comes to success.

The best part about this movie is owards the end also. Martin Lawrence or Roscoe reunites with his family at the end. He ditches his newly wife who was the "villain" in the film. She tried to stop Roscoe from developing a better relationship with his Family.

The Main Actor in Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is Martin Lawrence